Monday, 21 January 2008

Fire Brigade

Hub at fire brigade nomikai(piss-up) in the city. This morning was the annual put your fireman's uniform on and march round the grounds of the local Junior High School while the govenor checks your hat is on straight and your buttons and boots are shiney. He is only a 'volunteer' fireman but I would bet that he spends more time drinking with the other 'volunteers' than he does putting out fires.

The kids are asleep as is Granny K, the mother in law. She was a help with the kids today and I think we even managed a whole afternoon without her letting 18 month old son play with lighter or nail clippers. Is time I did a quick tidy up of her room again to remove the mouldy cabbage leaves on the floor and the five months worth of mail order cataloges piling up inside the door. Will have to wait until Wednesday while she is at pottery.

I should probably get to bed, seeing as I have the whole thing to myself tonight. Here's hoping I get a full night sleep.

Sweet dreams, good health & quiet living

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