Thursday, 31 January 2008

Feeling Better

Have had a lot of mails and spoken to someone who has a daughter who had an op like M will probably be having. While it's still not an ideal situation must admit am feeling a bit better about the whole thing. We are meeting with the specialist tomorrow arvo so will know then how serious it is and when we need to start getting ready for a hospital stay. Fingers crossed till then I guess.

On another subject, we have decided to put big bad solar panel on our roof so we can produce half of our own electricity. Has been a lot of number crunching, but come another 15 years we should start making money on it!! Up until then we should at least be paying less than what we are now - presuming of course neither of the kids start a rock band in the garage. We were meant to be signing things tomorrow but fortune has it that I was talking to a friend and she said her hubby fitted solar panels and we should go through them - and get a five thousand dollar discount - yay yay yay. We get a cool panel that tells us how much electricity we are making and how much we sell each month - the deal is you sell the electricity you make to the electricity company during the day - when you get a good rate and try and use as little of your own as possible - 10pm to 8am are the cheap hours so guess that means no more daytime japanese soaps and doing the washing first thing in the morning.

Right, better get these triffles in the fridge - having friends (solar panel man and his wife) for dinner tomorrow night.


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