Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Doctor Panda

Whatever bubble I was in yesterday has been deflated by our trip to Doctor Panda today. All the doctors in the children's ward of the hospital we go to have been allocated different cute animals. We have doctor panda. He is rather young, always looks a bit rugged and lacking sleep, and has an impressive selection of glasses.

When M was one week old we were told she would need today's test when she was three months old - which she now is. We weren't allowed in the room - which seems to be quite a Japanese way of doing things. I don't think I fit into the hysterical mother category and probably got more worked up by being posted outside the door and having to listen to M nutting out and not being able to see why. Well, I know why and I would have nutted out if they had been doing that to me too. The test basically proved that her urine is going back up to her kidney - that in itself is not overly uncommon in small babies - but doctor panda said that on a scale of one to five - with five being the worst - M is a five. the x-ray pics looked shocking, even from an untrained eye. Looked like a sausage as it comes out of a sausage making machine. - the what you me call it tube from her kidney to her bladder. Very swollen.

So anyway, the op we thought she would have at three or four years old she might need in a month or two. At least it is something that once it is fixed its fixed (I think) but still not something you want to put your baby through.

M herself is very genki (cherry) and her usual happy chappy self. I wasn't but am getting back there - onwards and upwards, the cups half full, positive thinking and all that.

So no funnies in this post. Maybe tomorrow, when I have had a chance to reflect on life and realise that things could be a whole lot worse than they are.


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