Friday, 25 January 2008

Devil Child

Up until now whenever I referred to S as spawn of the devil I was really only half serious but now .... shite .... after today S is the devil himself reincarnated. What a performance. Luckily it was at home and only myself and Granny K were privy to it. To date it was the best tanty S has had. I had to bear hug him from behind to stop him lashing out. Must admit though, he did have reason - ish.

When I went to pick him up from kindy he had three scratches down his big forehead. The head of the kindy himself came out and appologised. Apparantly S stepped out of line at afternoon tea time and didn't wait his turn. I forgive him for that though, I mean he is only one and a half. The kid next to him lashed out because S was trying to get a bikky first. Well, thats what I am putting the tanty down to. Dinner and bathtime were a battle but he went to sleep without a peep. All that agro tension must have tired him out.

M herself was a right little princess today - didn't sleep for more than about forty mintues all day. Meant I couldn't do my abs of steel dvd. well actually is a stepper dvd with bands - but it claims it will give me abs of steel in just 48 seconds a day. well not quite but something equally as unbelievable. Will let you know how it goes and will absolutely be posting pics of my abs if they decide to show themself anytime soon.

S's tanty has taken it out of me. Early night.


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