Thursday, 24 January 2008

Check ups

M was supposed to have her three month check-up today but hospital rang this morning and said that I had to wait because she isn't officially three months until the day after tomorrow!! what a load of shite. Anyway, had organized to go see friend in the city who is in hospital with her second baby - the same hosp I had both S and M. God that sounds terrible. S&M. maybe should have thought about names and initials a bit more!! The nurses went mental at seeing M again. They almost seemed disappointed that we had named her a Japanese-ish name and I think would have been happier had she been Angelina or Elizabeth or something equally foreign.

Haven't had any translation work this week which is unusual. Hope some comes in soon so we can pay the kindy and save for trip home. Still think will only be me and M going home at Christmas though. Will be stink leaving S for three weeks but really is too far and costs too much for all four of us to go. Next time whole fam dam (minus Granny K - who has no desire ever again to spend eleven hours on a plane, let alone a whole week without rice) will probably not be until 2010. Will have to make S some flash cards of New Zealand relatives so that he will know who is who! One of the drawbacks of international marriage I guess. I should have at least married someone with a bigger pay check or who lived in a city where I had more chance of finding a proper job.

Right, might watch bit of telly - Beverly Hills Cop is on in ten minutes. Hope it is the sub titled version cause I don't think Eddie Murphy will translate well into Japanese. God knows that the cast of CSI don't. Although the lady with the extremely annoying accent sounds better. Found the telly tubby's on satelite the other day and can you believe they actually translate that shite. I mean what do they actually say apart from aaaa, iiiii, ooooo, big hug. can you name all four telly tubby's?? Took me two weeks to think of the yellow one.

Sweet dreams, good health and quiet living


Rachel said...

Tinky Winky...Dipsy...Laa Laa...Po! Telly Tubbies, Telly Tubbies, Say Hello!

What's wrong with you girl? You obviously haven't watched those nasty annoying little creeps as many times as I have, that song came out of my head unassisted and I'm sure it's been three years since I consented to watch the video!

Rachel in Nakatsu

azumarisan said...

Actually i'm really surprised you named your kids "japanese-ish" names because most of the "gaikokujin" women i know that have married japanese men named their kids english names. I don't know of any that named their kids japanese names.

Hubby and i are trying and we intend to name our kids japanese names, even though we live in australia because basically, i love japanese names and the whole kanji thing, and aus is a multicultural country, we can name our kid anything here and it would be accepted pretty much, but i'd like for them to have a proper japanese name for if they go to japan, just to make life easier for them on both sides. :)

I really love the name marina! It sounds both italian and japanese at the same time. What is the kanji for it?

Kelly :)