Sunday, 27 January 2008

Bloody Moles

We thought the moles had vacated the front lawn. It appears however, that despite our efforts, McGyver coming in with his swiss army knife and duck tape and the SWAT team doing a night victor victor charlie charlie raid, that the little bastards are still there. Well, one at least. Initially I was quite excited about seeing one - what with there not being any in New Zealand, but I am over that now. Locate and exterminate. They are digging up our overly priced Japanese grass. I bought a five dollar packet of grass seed back from NZ last trip home and was thinking about sowing that but our landscaper / chain smoker / talks more than a woman informed me that if I sowed the NZ grass with the Japanese grass (Japanese grass turns brown in winter and I wanted proper grass god dam it) then one type would kill the other. Don't quite know how that works. If I can marry a Japanese man and four years later one hasn't killed the other then surely our grass can follow suit!

I will try and take a pic of our crap brown grass with mole holes.

After hub came back from voluntarily compulsorarily (???) helping out at the town marathon (directing traffic not running) we went on a family outing to the supermarket and park. Family as in minus the mother in law who really only counts as family for birthdays and national holiday events. S was a picture of perfect childness and only nutted out slightly when I told him off for trying to put the keys in the lock of the car beside ours. Nice big scratch down the side door. Well, that's how it could have turned out had I not interrupted his grand theft auto. We had a major event today - S has figured out finally how to blow his nose. Considering he is at kindy where the kids seem to be constantly running round with snotty noses this is quite a break through. Although, now that he knows how to do it we will be going through a lot more boxes of tissues.

Thats enough. I'm off to bed. The Melbourne Open is over and I am tired from just watching the men's final.


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