Monday, 21 January 2008


Murphy's Law that the one night the local firefighters are out on the lash an old woman goes AWOL. Other locals were out looking all night but hub and his wannabe firefighter lads were chucking back sake in Beppu. They arrived back a bit worse for wears this morning and had to go straight to the mountains to join in the search. Luckily the 79 year old woman was found alive and well despite being out all night in the freezing cold and rain.

I think I got a real laugh out of 3 month old M this morning. I wasn't particularly trying but she obviously found something funny in my rendition of 'paradise city'. I have just spent the last two hours searching the net for some hina dolls - which you put on display during Feb and March, but which have to be put away by the 5th of March. Leave it a day late and your daughter will be doomed to a life of spinsterdom (??) The traditional ones have about ten heian period type dolls on a tiered stand that takes up half the bloody room. The cost, which the mother's parents are meant to fork out for, is upwards of three thousand dollars. So anyway, bugger that. M will have to put up with an eight hundred dollar set that we can set up in the genkan (entranceway) I did find some very trendy looking ones but I think Granny K will think they are too modern.

I wish this had a spell check.

Sweet dreams, good health & quiet living

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